• Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park (IMIP)

Having commenced construction in late 2013, Tsingshan has now established industry recognised infrastructure and operational facilities at the IMIP.

The IMIP currently comprises:

  • 3.0Mt pa stainless steel capacity;
  • 0.5Mt pa carbon steel capacity (currently expanding to 3.5Mt pa);
  • 0.6Mt pa high carbon ferrochrome;
  • 3.0Mt pa nickel pig iron capacity (36 operating RKEF lines in March 2021)
  • 2.0GW of power (currently expanding to 2.9GW);
    lime plant, coke plant, acid plant;
  • port facilities; and
  • an executive visitors’ hotel.
Aerial image from IMIP September 2019
1.2GW Power Station & coal plant
1.2GW Power Station & coal plant
Significant Port Capacity
Guest Quarters & 4-Star Hotel

The development of the IMIP and its competitive operational cost structure is underpinned by several factors:

  • The ability to source an abundance of higher grade (>1.8% nickel grade) nickel ore which is now restricted from export from Indonesia as a result of the Indonesian Government’s ban on the exportation of unprocessed nickel ore under a grade of 4% nickel.
  • The generation of competitive electricity costs by the IMIP’s purpose-built 1.26GW power plant which is powered by domestically sourced thermal coal.
  • The vertically integrated nature of operations within the IMIP to produce a stainless steel end product, utilising the key raw material inputs, including nickel ore and power.