• Economic Development

Financial Performance

In 2021, The Company’s Hengjaya Nickel and Ranger Nickel at the IMIP produced 298,353 tonnes of NPI. The total revenue of Nickel Industries and its controlled entities for the year ended 21 December 2021 was USD 645,935,639.

Indirect Economic Impacts

We are committed to contributing to sustainable development in our operational areas and, more broadly, across the globe to create a positive legacy for future generations. We help and stimulate economic growth in our operational regions by prioritising hiring local workforces and suppliers. Additionally, we build connected and relevant programs to residents’ needs and our long-term economic development strategy, avoiding reactive social investments.

Our operations in Central Sulawesi indirectly contributed to the total growth of 4.9% of this province in 2020, while the Indonesian economy contracted by 2.1% in the same year. As a background note, the District of Morowali in Central Sulawesi (where our Hengjaya Mine, Hengjaya Nickel, and Ranger Nickel are located) grew by 1,200% versus the whole province’s growth of 161% over the past decade.

Procurement Practices

The Company is committed to stimulating local socioeconomic development by developing and hiring local suppliers and service providers that sustainably contribute to the livelihoods and well being of the communities around our areas of operation.