We are committed to making conscious decisions to contribute to improving biodiversity levels in the most appropriate and meaningful ways and to comply with the local biodiversity regulations wherever we operate. Our principal biodiversity program is to support mangrove and watershed rehabilitation in Central Sulawesi, with a total area of 1,781 Ha. More than two million trees have been planted since 2019, with an additional one million trees potentially being planted. These efforts will stimulate the community’s economy, with a projected income of USD 535 per hectare, beginning eight years after planting, with sap from the trees being the primary source of income.


Nickel Industries is always committed to continuously improving our activities, seeking increased efficiency in energy in our projects and operations. We achieve this objective by identifying, assessing and applying energy efficiency in our projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and operational costs. As a concrete step, Nickel Industries and Shanghai Decent launched its ‘Future Energy’ collaboration framework in 2021, which aimed to jointly explore opportunities to transition current energy sources utilised across the Company’s operations to renewable energy and other lower carbon-emitting solutions.


Nickel Industries is continuously improving its activities, seeking increased efficiency in using natural resources and reducing carbon footprint in our projects and operations. According to Skarn, the Company is ranked close to the second quartile of the global nickel sector’s GHG intensity curves and is in a better position than many nickel producers, especially in Indonesia and other ASEAN countries.


Nickel Industries Limited will act responsibly across the life cycle of our activities, from project conception to execution and operation until the closure of our activities, to manage risks and impacts related to waste generation by promoting the 4R principles: reduce, reuse, recycle, and recovery. In addition, we are also working collectively with the local stakeholders in our sites and project areas to promote responsible waste management as part of our long-term sustainability commitments.

Water & Effluents

The Company is committed to continuously improving water efficiency and meeting or exceeding local effluent standards. We Indigenous and local communities’ rights to safe and clean water and work to develop active partnerships at the international, national, regional, and local levels to safeguard and conserve water for future generations. The Company maintains a continuous effluent monitoring system at the Hengjaya Mine to safeguard the access and quality of the area’s water resources.

Compliance & Acknowledgement

Our Hengjaya Mine received Blue PROPER from the Indonesian Government in 2021, which means full compliance with environmental regulations in the country. Only two mining companies in Central Sulawesi Province received this acknowledgement from the Indonesia Ministry of Environment and Forestry last year. In addition, we also work with a certified laboratory to access our effluent water quality of HNI and RNI.

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