• Tsingshan

Tsingshan is now the world’s largest stainless steel producer. In 2017 Tsingshan produced 7.48 million tonnes of stainless steel, generating revenues in excess of US$25 billion from a work force of more than 31,000 employees.

Tsingshan, who pioneered the Rotary Kiln Electric Furnace (RKEF) process to produce low-cost nickel pig iron (NPI), is now the dominant player in the Indonesian NPI industry and a global leader in NPI processing technology, including having implemented the Argon Oxygen Decarburisation process which incorporates the direct hot charging of NPI into the stainless steel production process for a low cost stainless steel cost position.

Integral to Tsingshan’s stainless steel operations is NPI production which accounts for ~65% of the input to stainless steel.

Tsingshan’s stainless steel growth ambitions and commitment to China’s “One Belt, One Road” strategy is being managed through a Tsingshan group company, Shanghai Decent Investment (Group) Co. Ltd. (Shanghai Decent). Shanghai Decent has responsibility for promoting and developing Tsingshan’s international operations and has been the key architect in establishing Tsingshan’s integrated stainless steel industry supply chain incorporating mining and nickel pig iron smelting right through to stainless steel smelting, stainless steel slab production and stainless steel sheet, bar and wire processing. In addition, Shanghai Decent is responsible for Tsingshan’s international project management, including project construction, equipment design and procurement, logistics and raw material importation/supply.